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Cosmic Ray

SmartView help with Firestick

So I have an issue that I am being told it has to do with my phone. I have an S20 Ultra and I am trying to use Smart View to screen mirror to my Amazon 4K Firestick. I've tried it on both my Firesticks and no luck (which is why I'm being told it's my phone). So what happens is the connection is made but on my Firestick all I see is a blue screen with my phone's wallpaper faded in the background. My phone does not mirror to it. I've only had this issue with my S20 Ultra. With my Note 10 I didn't have this issue. What could possibly be causing it? Is there a certain app I have on my phone that could be causing this? I thought it was because of some Goodlock apps and Uninstalled them and still the same issue. I'm hoping someone knows about this issue and how to fix it.

Cosmic Ray

Re: SmartView help with Firestick

I figured it out! In my connection settings on my phone the HDMI Mode was set to Samsung Dex. Had to change it to Screen Mirroring!