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[Solution & T&C Complaint] Galaxy Store Requires Contacts Permissions



The Samsung Galaxy Store app requires contact and telephone permissions.


The more I've looked in to this, the more I feel it touches the tip of the grey area of data mining bloatware.



You can opt out of data collection and marketing services, However, you're forced to accept the Galaxy Stores "contact permissions required" dialog in-order to access services that are primarily used to update the samsung intergrated software and system applications.



Upon accepting contacts and telephone permissions, you're instantly resigned up for marketing and analytics.


These permissions can be revoked with a rooted device, or limited with an ADB connection.

Absolutely no functionality, or sharing capabilities are lost when these permissions are revoked, enforcing that they are only used as a data grab.


Contact Permission:

Is used to gain access to your device accounts for marketing and analytics, and used to store your contacts on samsungs servers. 


Telephone Permissions:

Telephone permissions are used to store your phone number and network ID.


You can learn more here:

Samsung Privacy Policy 




This really needs to be solved.