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Sorry but we currently do not ship to your selected address

(Topic created: 04-29-2021 05:48 PM)
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Update. Support still giving me the run around so I purchased the item somewhere else for less money. Samsung I am one customer that decided to take time out of my life to speak up and tell you about my problem. I'm sure there are hundreds if not thousands of customers that are unable to make purchases on your website which is losing you a lot of business. I was trying to be a Samsung customer but now you lost $1,300 to another company Not to mention any revenue you could have earned from me in the future but probably will not because the issue is still not resolved so I cannot make any purchases on your website because you refuse to shift to my address.


I am unable to complete my purchase on Samsung's website because it says my shipping address is invalid.

"Sorry,but we currently do not ship to your selected address".

"You may change your address and continue with your purchase"

That is the exact message I'm getting.

I have a cart full of items equaling $1,300 but I get an error message saying that my address is invalid and Samsung does not ship to my address.

I have insured that my address matches on my Verizon account, my bank account, my debit card, and Samsung account which all have identical personal information and address info.

I have spoken with multiple representatives on the phone and in chat as well as opening a ticket with no responses and no resolution. So far I have been asked to send screenshots of the error three different times almost as if the representatives are losing the pictures or something. It seems to me like all you need to do is add my address to your verified addresses so you can ship me the item.

I have tried checking out with Samsung financing with Verizon financing with GPAY PayPal and my credit card all of which are rejected for the same reason. Invalid shipping address.

Anyone know of a fix to this problem? I have read other messages where people had hashtags and their address or mismatched addresses on their accounts but so far none of the fixes have worked for me. I have tried different browsers I have tried incognito mode I even tried on my PC.

I've never worked this hard to give a company $1,300. I'm ready to purchase on Amazon. S

Samsung please do not pretend that this is a fixed issue and check it as solved when it is not. It is your duty to run this issue up the ladder to the higher ups to get it fixed because this issue dates back four years across the internet forums.

Imagine the countless customers you have lost that don't take the time to do what I'm doing right now. Most people would just go by the phone somewhere else like I'm about to do.

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Samsung Apps and Services

Purchased phone elsewhere. No support. Tired of waiting. Customer lost.