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Stock email running extremely slow

(Topic created on: 5/11/21 4:39 PM)
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I'm having a long term email issue. I've had this issue using my work email on the Samsung stock email app. I upgrade my Galaxy every year, so I've had it on my S10, S20 and S21. If I go to "search" for an email, it will take upwards of 2 minutes to find the search terms, and then when I go to reply to the identified email or forward it, it's another 2 minutes. I'm not exaggerating. Standard email receipt and reply/forward is no issue. My company won't permit an outside email app due to security issues OTHER than Outlook. No lag in searching and no lag in forwarding BUT no HTML so I'd prefer not to use it. I've tried removing the account and adding it again, but that's not really the issue since it's also happening when I get a new phone out of the box. Any help is appreciated!

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