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There's a feature I would like to see, which is adding more character pages. When you go into the character meno, on my phone, there is a "1/2" button. Clicking it brings you to "2/2". What I am thinking is giving the user an ability to add more pages and hold this button to access these pages, to a max of however many can fit in the box that appears when you hold a key (~18 probably). I think you should be able to have either Blank keys or keys filled in with specific characters, or at least add to current held-key selections, if not the whole custom page idea. (eg. Adding µ to the u key when held down, a third page with keys like µ, which cannot be typed without copying the character). In case anyone was wondering, µ means micro.
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Cosmic Ray
Samsung Apps and Services
all you need is to download KEYS CAFE from Galaxy Store or using GoodLock
You can even make your own prefered keyboard or edit the current keyboard