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Tired of Samsung bloatware

(Topic created: 11-04-2020 06:44 AM)
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I have a Samsung Galaxy 10 plus phone. This is my Samsung phone. I would like to ask why I cannot remove the built-in email and Samsung internet apps. I do not use them at all and I prefer using Gmail and Chrome. Do I own this phone or does Samsung? Because Samsung keeps putting the apps back on the phone. Samsung is pushing me very quickly into the Apple ecosystem. This is ridiculous.

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Red Giant
Samsung Apps and Services

You can disable any app via adb (as long as your system doesn't need it to run). And your going to apple because your having an issue controlling your android? You do know when apple decides to remove an app from there app store they can also remove access to the app from your phone so it will no longer work? At least with android you can download any app and it cannot be disabled by android because you control your phone.

Samsung Apps and Services
Samsung Apps and Services

So it boils down to: 

1)  Like most everyone else, Samsung will factory install bloatware on my new device.

2)  I can try to remove the bloatware I don't want on my devise using Android Debug Bridge, but "For Zues' sake don't do it or you will destroy your device."

3) There is a pay app (Samsung Package Disabler) that could remove the bloatware, but "For Zues' sake don't do it or you will destroy your device."


It seems that the intention is to keep the blaotware on the device, have the bloatware active in the background accessing things I may not want it to access and using CPU cycles that bog down response and use up battery charge. 


Samsung, you could do better for your customers.

Samsung Apps and Services

So, 1) someone installed software to a phone that i own

2) said software is intentionally protected by it's creator from removal from hardware he/she/it does not own

3) software is intentionally created to do things not intended or authorized by the owner

4) software damages or disables hardware if removed by the owner

5) owner demands payment for the software or benefits from it's unauthorized existance

6) cannot be prevented from making use of the sensors on the phone, such as the cameras, microphones, speakers, display, location, you know, all the places you may be mistaken in assuming privacy. 

and why is this not being pursued by the feds as a virus? this is why we can't have nice things, cause us little guys let these bully companies get by cause it's to expensive to fight and there are not actual consequences (like prison time)