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Touch macro in One Hand Operation +

(Topic created: 05-07-2022 03:49 AM)
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Hi everyone,

I probably don't need to tell you, that One Hand Operation + makes phone navigation with one thumb incredibly easy. In many situations, however, I want to trigger a button in the top left corner. In most cases that's the back button, that navigates up to the parent activity inside the app (unlike the back gesture that takes you to wherever you came from). If, for example, I open Samsung notes and want to navigate to the parent folder of the current note, I have to use that "navigate up" button, since the back gesture would take me to the previous app. Other cases include the search engine switcher in Opera or burger menus on websites, that don't open by swiping from the left. Unfortunately, these buttons are not only in the one position, I can't reach with one hand, but are also impossible to trigger by gesture using One Hand Operation + (or any other such app I've tried). Hence I would appreciate an option in OHO+ to trigger a touch macro by gesture, so a touch could be simulated in just the right spot in the top left corner where all those buttons, I've talked about, are located. Alternatively (or even better: additionally), OHO+ could include an option to trigger the "navigate up" button by gesture, as this would be an easier solution, that would solve the problem in most cases.

To be honest, you could in theory already trigger a touch macro by opening an app by gesture and create a Bixby routine that runs a touch macro whenever that app is opened. But that solution is painfully slow and you can't use the triggering app for anything else without triggering the touch macro unintendedly. So you'd need an additional app just for this purpose.

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