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Unresolved Wi-Fi and Bluetooth issues

(Topic created: 06-13-2023 09:22 PM)
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It's not very often I need to use my Bluetooth. But the few times that I do choose to use it, it's never available there's something wrong somewhere.

I consistently find myself shutting off the Wi-Fi or the Bluetooth and even sometimes both constantly when I'm not needing them. Now I have an unlimited data offered from my place of employment, so I really never take the phone from the data. 
I've had issues with the sync cloud, and Google photos, (I really enjoy not using either of them). So I have relied on a second phone, not connected, it serves as a picture/photo vault, perfectly, might I add.
On the rare occasions that I'm using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, is when I'm scooting pictures or small files between the phones. On a typical day, I usually send pictures, from this phone. Well, today, I wanted to retrieve a few pictures, but circumstances (Beyond My Control) prevented me from that.
It seems my Antivirus sham is causing some interference with the bluetooth, not %100% sure. My Virus scamer (scammer or sham is not a misspelling) is currently on a restriction of permissions and notifications. It will over lay other Apps preventing there notifications. It also wants to be an administer of permissions for the other Apps. I'm asking for suggestions on a (cause) or a different cause and, or a remedy?
I think I have an internal dispute over the governing of my operational software. The Problem, Reaction, Solution technique is being deployed as I speak. I probably should have mentioned it at the beginning, if anyone else has had problems whilr using the AVG Antivirus. Does it sound like one could cause the other issue, well I'm not sure that's why I'm here asking you.
And as usual I appreciate all help and information.
Thanks for your time.
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Samsung Apps and Services
Thank you for responding. I appreciate it very much.
I think they misunderstood It's saying I don't have a SIM card in been having trouble with Identity theft