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Upgrade Yearly + TD Bank = Stupid

So I've been trading in phones for a few years now... It's seems like a great concept. Usually you pay the phone off in 2 years, so if I pay for a year, I owe half. When it time to trade in, the pretty much buy the old phone back for pretty much the rest of the phone amount.

Here's where it doesn't make sense and samsung should have come up with something better... I never realized it was only for 36 months no interest. Well I did, but for some reason, I thought if you get another one, it resets itself... I started looking at my balance and noticed it really wasn't moving. That good ol high interest hit. I'm like wow... Guess I won't be upgrading again. It should work the same as if we were getting a phone through sprint or att or whoever. They don't charge interest... ever! I mean heck.. There should be some type of incentive for us buying directly from samsung. When it comes to updates (unlocked), we get them late and now when it comes to using their credit, we get the shaft too. Sheesh Samsung! 

Re: Upgrade Yearly + TD Bank = Stupid

Oh wow! thanks for letting me know. I was just about to sign up for this with my samsung finance/TD account that is over 36 months so I would have been charged interest. 

I think I'm just going to start buying LG phones. Samsung has seriously messed up with TD bank, and they are losing my business as I sit here going on hour 4 of waiting for someone to answer their phones.