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What does the change to Android apps from APK to AABs mean for Galaxy Store?

(Topic created: 07-05-2021 11:07 AM)
Cosmic Ray
Samsung Apps and Services

Google has announced that in August, they are doing away with APK app formats and changing to allowing only AAB format apps.  This move restricts apps to only be downloadable via Google Play and not sideloaded or installed via other app stores like Amazon or others.  This is a major problem for some.  The good side is that the apps file sizes are about 15 percent smaller per app.  However, this could have far reaching implications.  

Windows 11 will allow sideloading of Android APKs. In order to preserve Chrome OS growth, Google then announces removal of APK compatibility. Something is fishy here. 
My question is what does this mean for the Samsung app store and for the oneUI home? What does it mean for the essential Samsung operating system apps that run our devices? Is this going to harm our battery life by creating problems for the overall system where it's now got code conflicts etc? What happens to our devices and services we rely on? Our watches? Basically what does this mean for everything?!??
- Ibuddy66
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Samsung Apps and Services
I've been very upset... angry with Google ! Controlling first my Contacts wiping out many???? Controlling photos, so I deleted, stopped Google photos and Google One, canceled storage with Google, deleted Google search, and Chrome using Microsoft Edge with bing search instead.
I'm very happy with Microsoft and outlook.com mail and love Edge with bing.
Freed myself of AT&T mega greedy organization.... got rid of Hotmail who let Hotmail scammer & Microsoft scammer through and continually poured pornogrpy and junk mail, 200 a day into mailbox. (Only Norton Security stopped scammers)
Now it's Google! What the **bleep**?
Please stop selling out to a mega control freak!!
I want Microsoft Store apps, Samsung apps. Anything but Google.
Black Hole
Samsung Apps and Services
Google is ruining Android
First is the sd card app data permission, and now this.
Do we even own our own devices anyone
Samsung Apps and Services
On my phone I have Google disabled down to where it doesn't even work anymore. No assistant, no Google browser, nothing. Of course my phone is old enough yet that I can get away with that...😏
Samsung Apps and Services
Samsung better come up with alternative. I'm in the middle of opting out of Google. Currently I dont use any of there services and you don't need Google to access the Internet. I'm buying a new phone that I alone have 100 % admin rights over any device I own. I have to pay to get the microphones and cameras removed. Thats messed up.