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What's going on??? Forum changes my tabs by itself

(Topic created on: 7/21/19 3:54 PM)
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I this forum not compatible with Firefox?

I use bookmarks, and Firefox session saver:

When I open a saved session in Firefox, with various Community forum threads, they are getting redirected to another thread that is open in another tab!!!

I can see the URLs of the session that I then open, and in there, they are correct, but after opening, the tabs change (redirect, and if I use 'back, it changes the original also)..

So say I have 2 window with threads A, B, and C, D;

after I load the session, I may get A, B, and B, B!

or A, B and C, B

It varies, as far as I recall.

I clear the caches too, as a matter of routine before I restart Firefox.

What is going on?!

Has anyone else noticed this?

Any ideas?

I guess I may have to use exclusively bookmarks for Samsung Community forums!

Mr K L



Where do I post this?

there is not any appropriate category

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Samsung Apps and Services

Oops, spoke too soon!

It is still doing it, 2 different tabs, in 2 different windows, changed upon loading...

Is it possible to 'unsolved' a post???

I can re-post this as a new thread, if needed...

[EDIT 7-22-19]

Actually, while the issue itself it not solved, SamsungCole has provided an explanation, that 'solves' the issue by providing a workaround.

Since the moderators, and presumably management, knows about the issue, there is probably little point in posting complaints or questions about it.

Please let the management know that a lot of users use Firefox; Thanks.


This time [is same issue] it loaded a different thread on one tab (than the session indicates); and in another window, it loaded a thread (same as one of the other [correct] tabs) on a tab that was supposed to be Community home page.

This time there were no 'back' page history on those tabs, it simply loaded a different URL than shows in the session that was being loaded.

I do know that previously, there were indeed times that tabs that had the correct URL in the tab 'back' drop-down history, showing the original correct tab, but when 'back' was chosen, it converted THAT URL also to the same wrong one too.!

Mr K L