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Why can't we set custom fonts as system font in Android 10?

Yes, I know you can download a Monotype font off the Galaxy Store for a couple bucks. Problem is, most of them are utter garbage, and the font I've used for several years now is not listed. I have a .ttf file that I'd like to apply as my system font. I know it works because I've already installed and used it on my PC. I've tried every method I can find to apply it, and have even managed to install it as a font, but Samsung refuses to allow me to apply the font. Why must you do this? Is it too much to ask for to allow customers to change their font to anything they choose, rather than select from an arbitrary collection of mediocre fonts you can't even get for free? Users were even able to use any .ttf file as their font in Android 8 and 9 after jumping through a couple loopholes. I don't understand why this had to be patched out. This is very disappointing.