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Wi-Fi Direct improvement

Hello I would like a feature to be implemented into all Samsung Smart Phones/Tablets.

I would like to see some improvements towards the Wi-Fi Direct feature on our Android devices. Some examples are:
1.The ability to see our saved connection groups
2. The ability to edit our saved connections group (delete, view password/passkey of that group)

Most apps that that have thier device connected using Wi-Fi Direct cannot see LAN devices and i would like to have one of my device to connect to the Wi-Fi given off by the Wi-Fi Direct

Most android devices already have this feature (LG, Motorolla, and etc...) and I have to use their devices to view my password to the Wi-Fi Direct to get my devices apps to communicate and send packets back and forth to each other.

I remembered I could do this on the Tab 3, Tab 4, and the S5 (not tab S3 or S4)

Please make this a thing again