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Worst Financing Ever!

(Topic created: 10-21-2021 02:48 PM)
Samsung Apps and Services
Received statement after due date and was charged a late fee. Was only using their financing to enhance my already good credit. Normally I'll buy items outright and I'll pay all my regular credit cards, with a balance,  off every month. Decided to use Samsungs  promotional financing, no interest for a year, but they charged me a late fee on my 2nd statement that I didn't realize until afterward that the statment  wasnt even sent to me until after the due date! Called customer service who was a joke and did nothing except tell me to remember to check my account each month in case the statements emailed late! Are you kidding? As if anyone has time to try and remember that! So although I like the products, unless they fix this or change financing companies or even hire customer service that knows how to do their job, I'll not use them. There goes my great plan of updating all my appliances with Samsung products. Not worth it to be ripped off and I wonder how many others they do this to?? 🤔 
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