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Write on calender or emoji icons ๐Ÿค”

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I am very visual, so I like to have quick visual que to help me to find what I am looking for easier. In the samsung native calendar app they have two creative options. ( for pen support devices) like the fold 3 and note series 
1. Write on calendar 
2. Emoji icons

How I use these features, 
I use emoji icon most often because I find it to be neater and more consistent. For example all birthdays I use a birthday cake :birthday_cake: emoji icon so at a glance I know someone birthday is coming up without going into the detail view. 

As for the write on calender feature, I use it to add notes to an event on my calendar that I want to see at a glance and don't want to or need to go into detail view. For example I would use the write on calender feature to circle the birthday event on the calendar and then write something like " gift already ordered" 

So I guess, it safe to say you don't have to choose, they work well together.

Another cool feature 


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