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Wrong pace / elapsed time Strava watch active faulty samsung -> strava sync (tcx file problem)

Every run i do with my galaxy watch active presents inaccurate pace / elapsed time on strava

This happens with all users of samsung watches and strava

Samsung health uploads a tcx file to strava that strava claims is inaccurate/invalid tcx Because it has completely empty trackpoints, and trackpoints with only HR data, (yes, strava should parse it anyway, but it doesnt) (see below for an extract of my recent run tcx)

easiest fix for samsung would probably be merging the hr data into the last trackpoint before upload or something

or fix it properly by putting the hr data with the gps or gps data with hr... and removing empty trackpoints?


Samsung please work with strava to fix this issue. It is the last remaining big issue to prevent users just switching to garmin for running. now that the sync to strava issue is fixed.














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