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exporting all memos from memo app samsung 7 edge to new samsung phone

(Topic created: 06-30-2021 08:39 AM)
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QUESTION: how to export all memos (DATA file) from memo app on original "samsung 7 edge" to new "samsung 7 edge" replacement phone. 

Background and situation:

On both "samsung 7 edge" phones,  I used both "content manager" and "google" apps to transfer all apps to the new phone after moving the sim card and sd card to the new phone.  The memo app itself is present and active in internal memory on both phones. 

After both data transfers using content manager and google, all my apps and data appear to have transferred (still need to verify but after cursory examination, seems good...  (doing the Google cloud transfer missed some things but a second pass with content manager seemed to get the missing data in my phone contact notes) ... EXCEPT FOR THE MEMO FILE ITSELF and DATA is missing.  I have several years worth of extensive data in that file so it should be pretty big (megabytes?) ...

The old phone still has the memos on it but the new phone has no memos in the memo app.  I scoured both phones for a file for the in the file manager.  The old phone has one saved memo file with only one memo on it in the "sharememo" folder in internal storage on the original device (only 4.16 KB FILE size) ... I had copied that file also to my sd card without checking the file size until now when I was making room on my internal data memory.

I cannot find any other another "sharememo" folder on the new phone nor can I find any other memo files on either phone.  I do not have Samsung or Verizon cloud availability either ... I only google cloud availability.  Anybody have any suggestions?

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