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galaxy themes has completely stopped working

this has been going on for almost 2 weeks now and i havent been able to find a single fix so im finally just gonna ask about it.


about every 2-3 hours i get a notification that "galaxy themes has stopped working". if i force stop it i just get the notification again--the only way to make it stop is to tap on the "checking for updates" notification i get at the top of my screen, leave it alone for a few minutes (nothing ever loads in the app i just get the loading circle the whole time) and then close it. sometimes i have to open and close it a few times before it will actually go away.


i cant turn off auto updates because if i try and go into the settings i just get the infinite loading circle again. ive restarted my phone several times to try and get it to stop, but it doesnt. i factory reset my phone before and id do it again if i have to for this but id rather exhaust my other options first. the phone IS fairly old, so i dont know if thats contributing to it or not.


any answers are appreciated, its making my phone really irritating to use even if i can fix it temporarily when i have to. thanks


Re: galaxy themes has completely stopped working

I would suspect it would be a bug due to the age of the phone. But what I would do first is to try and reboot the phone into Recovery Mode (that MSDOS looking screen), select "Mount System" and then "Wipe Cache Partition" and then Reboot the device.

If none of that works, I would say its time to buy a newer Samsung.