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inconsistencies! What Setting Should I See When Read Receipts Are Disabled????

(Topic created: 06-11-2022 08:05 AM)
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Well my question is about Read receipts settings in Chat vs individual text messaging, In the Samsung messages app. However, frst let me say I find the community forum method of finding information rather chaotic. I'm going to check again, but I found no search method to make reading through thousands of entries a bit easier. I thought there would be an easier way to search, but there doesn't seem to be.

With regard to the Messages app, I am not sure how to interpret when read receipts are enabled or disabled for individual texts. The methodology used to enable/disable receipts in the Chat messaging is quite clear by contrast. The Messages app itself, in the apps Settings, particularly under Chat, has a clearly understood method of showing it as enabled or disabled. I have found no other area to control read receipts, other than the main app settings, and the other is under the settings for each individual or group text.
Now, the settings for individuals you are texting has a different means of enabling or disabling receipts. It displays one of the following:

--- Send read confirmation 
--- Don't send read confirmation

This method leaves a lot of ambiguity and the lack of clarity as to the state of read receipts. It is further reinforced by the mixed methods used to enable or disable read receipts in the Messages app. To be more specific, without an understanding of the programmers intent, and because there is no way to know if the control is active or reactive, it lends no clear method as to which is the actual state of the Read receipts. Again, it's what I'm reading the state of receipts for the individual or group text, or is what I am currently reading an indication of what the state will be when I click it. For instance, if it says "Send Read the confirmation", does it mean I must click this to enable sending? If it says that, does this mean it is in a state where receipts are disabled?
Is there anyone that can lend clarity, or point to what so far has been a non-existent manual, whereby one can understand the state of read receipts in the Samsung messages app? Any assistance would be appreciated.
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