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samsung galaxy a34 autofill to apps login, password not works? and other things..

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I have noticed this autofill to passwords, if i put there google, or edge browser , where i stored lot of passwords,

 not work to apps like some sites where might have more accounts?


in other phones, which are not samsung, this autofill always worked quickly with apps.

In samsung a 34, nothing what selects, seems not connected to apps autofill when login?


then also noticed to answer phone is very slow, i press or click this green circle, that not give quick answer? seems nothing happens and phone keeps ringing.


then i changed that so, i answer with raising volume from side.


also in this, other phones which are not samsung, you could trust to answer phone is quick and works fast also from touchscreen.


should this bixby then put on, and how could i answer phone with bixby? saying like "answer"?

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