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2019 Samsung tv stopped powering on with Google home command 1 week ago.

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my 2019 Samsung UN50RU7100FXZA Flat 50-Inch worked for a year with The Google home assistant but it suddenly stopped 1 week ago accepting the command to powering on when i tell google home to turn it on, but i can tell google home to power off the tv and it still works correctly.  How do i fix?

WHen i make the command, Google responds with: "Actually, this Samsung TV doesn't support that functionality." It used to work just fine.

I followed the instructions from samsung/smart things app on unlinking and reconnecting it to google but that has not solved the problem.


On the samsung tv i actually deleted my samsung account and then re-added it into the tv and connected it.

Smartthings and the tv are linked in Google assistant services.


Both the TV and the google home are connected to the 5ghz version of my wifi internet.


I've noticed that wifi is on when the tv is powered off as while the tv was off I asked googled home to play my podcast on a group of speakers that I created in the Google assistant app.

In that group of speakers was the Samsung tv.

When I made the command to Google home the tv powered on and played the podcast along with the other speakers in that group.

What is the problem and how do i fix?

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Samsung Moderator
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I am sorry to hear about this. Please contact the Smart Things support team directly at 866-813-2404 to report this issue.

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