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2019 q60r tv and samsung ms750 sound bar

You would like to think with the money this tech costs. We wouldn't have issues and it would be easy to customize our equipment to the way we want it to work with no hassles. However with that being said : 

Item 1.....



I find it extremely  frustrating  that  everytime I turn "on" the tv and sound bar using the samsung  remote at the same time (tv& sound bar) please keep in mind the sound bar is using "arc" that the tv speakers are default and have to be changed manually everytime in the tv settings.... listen the reason I purchased  the sound bar in the first place was for this to be my primary audio function.... not the tv speakers... and in the q60r 2019 qled 65" tv you are not able to disable the tv speakers ... one would think that there would be an auto detect and auto select pass thru that configures automatically based on Audio supply. As a customer I dont want my tv speakers to be blown out cause I like big picture big sound... pretty sure sony doesn't have these issues. 


Item 2


The other thing I noticed was with the q60r and the soundbar even tho they say "alexa" on them it is a pain to set up. "alexa play funny cat videos on youtube on living room tv" .....alexa response "sorry your tv will not allow this function" even tho I have smart things and a samsung note 8 and everything is set up. 


Item 3 would be nice .....feature

With everything being connected and virtual  assistants being a thing shouldn't these TVs also act as a hub to bring it all together. For example if I am watching a show. And my samsung smart phone rings  should I not be able to answer the call through alexa or google and get the notification on the tv and have the option to swap over to face chat on tv?