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ADT SmartThings Home Security and Safety system,

(Topic created on: 6/2/21 1:47 PM)
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Samsung has the BEST user installed Alarm system and home hub avaiable on the market! This system meets or exceeds all the capabilities of any professionally installed system available even today. 
Two-way wireless and encrypted 900MHz sensors, WiFi, cellular, internet, Zigbee, and Z-Wave support. 
The Smoke & CO sensors are UL certified like pro systems that many of the DIY systems will not offer due to the addad costs. 
The ability to create scenes, automations, and integrate with other Samsung devices is an extreamly powerfull combination. 
I am extreamly dissipointed that you are discontinuing support for this system. Especially after such a short time of support. 
The complete system is a huge investment in time and money to disable. The offered discount is a tiny discount on a new hub that will not support many of the old sensors (door/window, smoke, CO, or PIR motion detectors).
I would seriously hope Samsung and ADT would reconsider their decision and expand on this line of products. 

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