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Add Support for UnRaid & Nested Virtualization

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Smart Home Support
Enable to create Nested Virtualized Environments in OneUI & VMs using OneUI in UnRaid
As SOCs get better, and boundaries between devices becoming murky and more blurry(due to advancements in display technologies & form factors), it would be wise to simultaneously “triple” boot multiple Operating Systems using Nested HyperVisors such as Android OneUI, Fuchsia OS, & Windows (or even custom MAC/Linux OS if possible) as a multifunctional device(a one-device-for-all(applications & scenarios) approach), while also getting notifications from other OS that is turned off manually from “Parallel Triple Boot” when the current one/Main State OS is in use.
Add ability to also serve as both client and servers for remoting or one-time use-access under the sharing of the same account.
Add Virtualization to Samsung Internet Browser similar to Microsoft Edge Application Guard.
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