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Bixby Routines Can't Recognize a Virtual Contact Sensor/Switch

(Topic created: 05-20-2022 11:19 AM)
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I set up a virtual contact sensor with this (https://raw.githubusercontent.com/bjpierron/SmartThings-Alexa/master/devicetypes/bjpierron/simulated...) code so that I could set up a Bixby Routine to turn it off or on when I wake up or go to sleep. I then set up a routine in Alexa to turn off/on when the switch is closed/open. That works. If I close the sensor in SmartThings the light turns off, that works just fine. I can't set up an "If Sleeping" or "If Wake-Up" in SmartThings, so I need to use Bixby Routines for that. Bixby Routines can't recognize the sensor because it isn't a switch. I even tried making a scene that turns the sensor on or off but Routines still doesn't recognize it. How do I fix this? From my understanding, this code should have set up the sensor as a switch and a sensor. Under "capabilities" on device handlers it shows as " Actuator, Contact Sensor, Sensor, Switch " so what gives?

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