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Can't remove Aeotec Siren from ST

(Topic created on: 4/12/21 9:30 PM)
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I was able to connect an Aeotec Siren 6 to my Smartthings hub and got it to work for a while but then it stopped responding.  ST acts like the siren is still connected but nothing happens.  I tried to remove the device from the app but can't exclude it.  Went to the IDE and tried to delete it there but get an error "Cannot get property 'id' on null object".  Tried to add a device with the same device ID and delete but that did not delete.   Have tried to delete on iOS and Android but not able to delete.  Looks like the Aeotec Siren is not working so I can't exclude it to remove it from ST.  

How can I remove a device from ST when the Z-wave device is not working now?

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