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Customer Service That Rates as The Worst Ever

When I purchased my Samsung S20 Ultra, they offered a nice perc of items valued at a few hundred dollars, and so I opted for the SmartThings Hub, Cameras, Motion Detector, Door or Window entry devices.  After about 1 month one of the cameras stopped communicating with the Hub, so I called Samsung SmartThings and started the process of checking and then returning a non-functioning camera.  I followed their directions and tracked the package, that arrived at Samsung on April 28, there is a proof of deliver from UPS.  All of a sudden I'm getting e-mails that I need to send the items already in their possession.  I tried e-mails and chats and phone conversations, and all they could continue to do was ask for proof of purchase, order numbers etc. After two months, and absolutely no luck, I just told them to keep the camera (sent back to them in the original box), and I took down the entire system, probably, will put it where it belongs in the trash.  This run around was the most ridiculous thing I have ever been through, and now after spending thousands of dollars on phones, TV's, Galaxy Watch, tablet, etc. I have decided that it's just not worth dealing with Samsung, so I decided I   will not purchase any more Samsung products, I will go back to LG.  Samsung Customer Service doesn't even rate as bad, it's just not unratable, it is by far the worst in the world, they lie, they say they will help and all they do is run you around in circles, Samsung needs to revamp this entire department and get people who know how to deal with customers and give you the service they promise they will give.