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Dryer (DV457EVGSWR/AA) not connecting to AP

(Topic created: 09-08-2021 06:07 AM)
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Our smart dryer (DV457EVGSWR/AA) unconnected to the wifi and I've spent hours trying to get it to reconnect. Our dryer can only be found under the old Smart Home app and not SmartThings. When I try to connect the dryer to wifi I constantly get the following error; "Cannot connect to AP." In a last ditch effort I deleted the dryer from the old Smart Home app and have been unsuccessful in getting it to reconnect - both to the Smart Home app and wifi. Even before ST it would take me many times to get the dryer to connect to the AP.

Our dryer is not listed as one of the compatible dryers to SmartThings which is why we still use the Smart Home app for the dryer (dryer only). 

Is there a workaround for getting our model number of the dryer to SmartThings? It seems odd for Samsung to move everything to ST and not allow for the appliances within Smart Home to carry over to ST, so I'd think there would be a way.

Thank you. 

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Community Manager
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I recommend reaching out to our SmartThings team. They can be reached at 1-866-813-2404 or emailed at  support@smartthings.com

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