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Galaxy Smart Tag : battery drained badly (CR2032) for no reason

(Topic created: 12-11-2021 03:26 PM)
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The Smart Tag I got is from Pre-ordering a Galaxy S21 Ultra since launch. after the first battery ran out, I bought a new one to replace, I'm sure it is an authentic Panasonic battery CR2032, everything seems to be normal, no more "very low battery" alert. Until that night, only less than 8hours after it is on the new battery. I received a notification from the device as "Very low battery"...and not long after it went offline completely. it was late so I decided to get back to sleep. In the next day, I do the same thing, put a new battery in ,and wait... Again about 7-8hours later, it came up with the notification. I thought it was something wrong with the pack of batteries. This time I go to a mall, purchase only  just 1 of CR2032 battery, to make sure the date on this one is fresh. Annnnd again as you may expected, yes THIS thing on Very low battery again for the 3rd time, this time lasts only 6hours to be exact. It's so annoying. I hope I don't have to spend money on batteries more than the cost of a Tag itself. Hahah... very disappointing QC, or whatever. 

I will try contact the support in my country, see if they can even help anything. (or refund for my batteries lol)

I thought I would be in a happy relationship with Samsung again after their Poor Exynos S20+ and Not so water proof Active 2. seemed it's not going so well any longer. If so Apple is waiting for me. 

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You're lucky!  Mine only lasted a week per battery.  I'm sending it back for exchange!