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Good or Good enough

(Topic created: 01-25-2023 06:09 AM)
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I recently bought a q90b tv and an 800q soundbar. Overall very satisfied with purchase. Unfortunately one of my favorite features is the most buggy. I like being able to control input, volume, ect with my voice. I just wanted to air some issues I’ve had to see if a resolution already exists or how you can improve your products. (Amazon Alexa). The hands free option on the tv is most useful to control the functionality of the TV. Unfortunately the soundbar often takes priority and doesn’t know what to do with commands. Fix, turn Alexa off for soundbar. Problem, TV turns on through soundbar; fix, smart plug. Additionally the voice controls on the tv need work. Go to hub will sometimes go to smart hub, open pc will sometimes go to pc input and sometimes open input selection, open Xbox opens Samsung app and switch to Xbox or PlayStation consistently go to the correct input; switch to pc does not, possible fix is an ability to rename inputs. Finally, and most frustrating, soundbar can not be part of an Alexa stereo group. I would like to be able to stream from Alexa to soundbar and use Alexa as additional TV speakers. At any rate highly satisfied but the UI of smart hub without voice and the voice operations have a lot to be desired. Have a great day!




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