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If your listening Samsung...

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Attention super-fans, and Samsung community. I am slowily working my way into Samsung's Smart Things Ecosystem. And from where I am now, I'm only loving it more and more. Samsung not so long ago had their own version of multi-room audio, and I wish they were still in buisness with that today. I have a Samsung soundbar currently, and if it supported multi-room audio with other speakers, I would continue to dive deeper into SmartThings. Now Samsung-take an approach similar to what Sonos did-just lower cost. And even better, if you could create something like the discontinued product of Google's Chromecast audio? Yes. Please. I would love to have some multiroom music intergrated into my SmartThings app. And even better, a better product than Sonos, or the Chromecast audio. 

So Samsung, if your listening, please please please, bring back your multiroom audio, and do it on a budget too. 

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I second that. Love multi room bring it back please