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Issues with getting Bixby to command SmartThings to turn on my HVAC fan via my ecobee4.

(Topic created on: 6/2/21 2:43 AM)
Cosmic Ray
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The title is pretty much self explanatory. I have tried every verbal command I could think of to get Bixby to turn on my HVAC fan via my "ecobee 4" smart thermostat that's connected to my SmartThings account. Giving out commands to turn on cool, heat, and even temperature changes, works perfectly but commanding it to turn on the fan is another!


The commands I've tried, either say "Thermostat doesn't support that.", "That device hasn't been added to SmartThings.", or if I say, "Change fan mode on thermostat.", I'm told "You can change Fan Mode to 3 different settings." and I'm given 3 different options Auto, On, and Circulate.


Selecting "Auto", changes the mode of my thermostat to Auto for the cool and heat settings, NOT the fan. The same can be said for selecting "On". Selecting "Circulate", literally doesn't nothing for my device, nothing happens or changes.


I've even tried the command I normally use for Google Assistant, "Turn on fan." which has been working perfectly fine 100% of the time FOR YEARS but Bixby tells me, "That device hasn't been added to SmartThings.". So I give up... I've tried for several years, to give Bixby a try but whoever is in charge of programming, isn't programming Bixby to understand "natural speaking commands" like for instance, I can tell Google Assistant, "Turn on Cool" and it understands exactly what I'm asking without me having to program or key in any special phrases, Google Assistant just sets my thermostat to "Cool". Bixby on the other hand, consumers just can't say natural everyday phrases to it and it just understands, we have to speak these long drawn out phrases and be precise on what we're asking it to do and even then, 80% of the time, it still doesn't understand what consumers are asking it to do! Also, it isn't programmed properly to work with it's sister service SmartThings. That's just like if Google Assistant wasn't programmed to work with Google Home properly.


There's no way I should be able to open up the SmartThings app, see my ecobee thermostat, see "Fan Mode" and it's two control toggles "Auto & On" right there, but Bixby can't, what?! Head scratcher.

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