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Legal App Store issue help regarding the SDK

Hey guys,

I don’t know if this is the suitable place for this request but I hope you could help me any way.

I have a remote control app which controls Samsung Smart TVs in the App Store.
Recently, Apple has requested from developers who control external hardware from Samsung, to have the permission of the company to do so.

Now, it’s pretty silly considering that Samsung developed a whole bunch of tools (SDK) and specifically, iOS SDK tools, to control the company products, using iOS apps.

I have sent the license of Samsung’s SmartView SDK to Apple but weirdly enough, they wanted a signed letter with the company name.

Now, LIFX had the same issue and one of the company employees made a letter to approve the use of the SDK (it’s just a few lines).

I was hoping that maybe you guys can produce me a letter like this. The example:
" > To Whom It May Concern,
> The developers of the Lightbow app for iOS are authorized to control LIFX hardware under the LIFX Developer Zone Terms of Use ( ).
> Any questions regarding this authorization can be directed to Daniel Hall <>
> –
> Thanks,
> Daniel Hall
> Developer Advocate

Thanks and great work on the SDK!