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Need Smart Things Wiring Harness for Refrig Model RZ11M dongle

(Topic created: 11-02-2023 10:42 AM)
Smart Home Support

As the Title indicates, I am in need of the custom wiring harness to connect the optional WiFi dongle to enable smart things/smart home functionality for the RZ11M series 11.4 cu ft convertible Refrig/Freezer.

My unit shipped with the USB dongle access port on the upper door assembly, but no terminus for the dongle. (Only an empty compartment.)

According to several online sources, this series is designed to support Smart Home, when it was originally part of the bespoke product line. As the controller board is the same, with the addition of this harness assembly, smartthings functionality should be supported.

Any help with locating this part would be greatly appreciated.


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