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Powerbot R7260 wifi reset

Just setup the new R 7260 vacuum, and had to replace our modem 3 days after setting up the vacuum.   Router settings remained the same, network name/password is still the same.  Now we can't get the vacuum to connect to the wifi at all.  i tried to reconnect via smartthings.  It connected once breifly, but disconnected by the next morning, and will now not reconnect at all.  The wifi icon does not appear on the vac lit up, but using the remote I can toggle between wifi on/off, and the wifi off icon will light up.  I have deleted the vacuum from the smartthings app.  I have pulled the battery.  I have pulled the battery and reset on charger w/o battery and tried to add in ap mode.  There seems to be no way to reset the wifi on these vacuums, as well as no way to reset to factory settings.  I've tried all suggestions I could find online for older vacuum models.   I chatted with tech support yesterday who's suggestion was to turn off the vacuum using the emergency toggle, uninstall smartthings, power on vacuum, reinstall smartthings, and add the vacuum.  didn't work.   couldn't/wouldnt tell me how to reset the wifi, or reset vacuum to factory settings.  I'm supposed to get a call from next level tech support in 24-48 hrs.  Anybody have any success in reestablishing a wifi connection?


Re: Powerbot R7260 wifi reset

I had the exact same problem with my R7260, I searched a lot, chatted with customer support for appliances (wrong option).

Follow this process and it will work.

Get the remote of your vacuum + your phone with updated smarthings app + your vacuum bot powered ON sitting on the charging cradle yelling "FULL".


1) Connect your phone to the 2.4GHz network of your router, 5GHz doesnot work. If you have a smart network selector on your router enabled then you are fine with any network.

2) Open the smartthings app on your phone, go to the section to add device and be ready to hit scan for nearby devices 

3) Press and hold the clock button on the remote for 3 seconds, "AP" will appear on your bot. Now hit scan on your phone.

4) Now the bot will appear under available devices, select it and follow the onscreen instructions and complete the setup.

5) My setup did not complete but kept giving me an error and eventually, the app became unresponsive, I restarted the app and found the bot was successfully connected.


Let me know if it worked.