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Samsung Smart Air Conditioner App - No out of home control

I have had an ongoing saga with my Samsung smart air conditioner app for a long time now where the out of home functionality doesn't work. The app continues to advise that "There is no registered air conditioner" however both ouor air conditioners are registered on the portal - in fact we have even re-registered them with the help of tech service. 


Tech was previously helping but seem to have decided it was too difficult and are now ignoring my follow up emails. Very disappointing seeing as the ability to control the air con out of home was one of the biggest reasons we took a punt on Samsung's new air conditioners.


I fully suspect this is an app issue as the out of home function did work originally - however I don't seem to be able to roll back the app version to a time when it was working. Has anyone else had this issue and found a possible solution?