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SmartTag+ Couldn't download. Contact us for help

(Topic created: 07-01-2022 12:03 AM)
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I bought a SmartTag+ which was added successfully on my phone S22 ultra via the smartThings application.

Unfortunately :

- when I click on the smarttag+ icon device, I have a first popup message "Downloading - 0%" and a second message "Couldn't download. Contact us for help"
- when I click on the find service of smartThings application, a download popup message appears and disappears after 1second
- when I click on the notification "Your tag's firmware needs to be updated", I get a message "We need to download an add-on to help you get the most from your SmartTag+" and when I click on the download button, nothing occurs and the message disappears

Note: I tried to manage this device with another samsung phone and got the exact same problem
So what can i do ?




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