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Split ACs

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I recently installed Samsung split units in my home.

 Noticed that when I have unit set to 72 degrees, the unit does not stop and continues lowering the temperature a other couple of degrees.

Also, the remotes have more control options than the smart things app.

Any suggestions?
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@samsunguser45 IME ACs and heating unit controls generally work this way. It goes slightly below the desired temperature so that the AC can have an off time. The AC gets a rest until the house warms up. Then it kicks back on and cools the temperature back down. If it did not work this way, the AC would be constantly cycling on/off because the temperature would only briefly be at 72.000000 degrees.

I am not familiar with the Samsung AC units but if they also act as a dehumidifier, this could also explain why they don't shut off immediately.