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TU-7000 keeps going offline in Smartthings

(Topic created: 07-15-2022 08:26 PM)
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My TU-7000 keeps going offline in Smartthings after a few days and remains offline until I remove it, then add it back. Its been a nightmare to figure out why as none of the settings change, the wifi is a solid 5Ghz connection and my Samsung account is logged in. I have a TU-8000 as well on the same network with all of the same settings and it never goes offline. 

It then occurred to me that I have the TV on a time schedule that disables internet access Fri/Sat/Sun overnight. It would make sense for the device to appear offline during those times & then to be available once the internet access is restored, but it doesn't. 

Could this be the root cause & how can I fix the issue?
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