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Unable to see SmartTags in Devices or SmartThings Find

(Topic created: 01-24-2023 09:52 PM)
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so I have 2 smart tags, both in my cars. had not opened smart things in months till 2 days ago. looks like this app got an update and when I go to "devices" my tags are gone. I see all my other devices but that tags are not listed. 

I know tags should now be in "smart things find" but I don't even see that. anyone having this issue or can help me?


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remove the battery from the tag and go through the set up/pairing process again. if that doesn't work take a volt meter and test if the battery is dead.

after the update to smart things one of my tags showed up and one didn't. both just needed to be re-synced, but one had a dead battery.