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Z-wave Repair

(Topic created: 03-02-2021 05:35 PM)
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I am trying to setup Z-wave switches (Zooz brand) and I am having a lot of issues getting the z-wave repair to function correctly.  I get errors such as these when running the z-wave repair utility:

Network repair for Hallway Bathroom Light [1D]: Could not update neighbors

Network repair for device [13]: Could not assign new route

Network repair for Master Bathroom Light [14]: Could not delete old routes


What can I do to fix these?   I have already tried doing the z-wave "Exclusion" and then "inclusion again".  If the exclusion fails, then I have deleted the device from Smartthing IDE then performed a factory reset on the switch, the re-added (included) it.  Is there something else I need to do to get it to complete go away to start over?  some of the device numbers listed in the errors are active devices in my smartthing IDE device list.

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Please reach out directly to our SmartThings support team for assistance at 866-813-2404, or via email at support@smartthings.com.