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switchbot temperature probe always in °F with SmartThings

(Topic created: 10-06-2023 08:44 AM)
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I installed a SwitchBot Hub 2 + Outdoor temperature sensor which are 100% compatible with SmartThings, Matter, Google Home, Alexa, Siri, but despite all the manipulations that I found on the internet I cannot resolve my problem. issue.
By opening SmartThings and looking at my temperature probes, they always display a value in °F despite the °C displayed next to it, if we refresh the page the correct value is displayed.
This is blocking for me because I cannot use my temperature curves to implement roller shutter automation based on the interior and exterior temperature.
Do you have a solution or a beta version to test to resolve this problem?
You have a very good SmartThings application that I have used for a long time for my televisions and other domestic devices, the competition is good for me as you are in the scene for home automation.
It would be a shame if I had to turn to a competing application to solve this problem which is very unpleasant.

I'm sorry if my English is bad, I'm French and use Google translate

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