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About storage problem

My phone is Samsung J2 prime. I am feaceig the probleam of low stoge. It shows `Storage space running out`. But I`ve downloed only two apps and it takes space abou 158 mb. So what is the solution........................................?


Re: About storage problem

If you get the "Insufficient Storage Available" error, empty your app cache to see if that clears up enough working space for the installation. How to do so depends on what version of Android you are running, as well as from what device maker. (The screens here are for Android Lollipop running on a Samsung Galaxy S6.)


In most cases:

  1. Open the Settings app, tap Apps, Applications, or Applications Manager option. (Applications Manager might be an option after either Apps or Applications.)
  2. Scroll sideways to the Downloaded section.You'll see a list of apps and how much storage space they're taking.
  3. Tap the Menu or More button and choose Sort By Size to arrange the apps by which take the most storage. 
  4. Tap an app to see how much storage it is taking, both for the app and its data (the Storage section) and for its cache (the Cache section).
  5. Tap Clear Cache to remove its cache and free up that space. You could also tap Clear data, but that removes your files, which is probably a bad idea.
  6. Repeat for each app.