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Powerbot R9350 Won't Recharge/resume cleaning & Select and Go does not work

Hi All,


Got a new R9350 and it seems promising, for one reason I have a flat and level first floor 1/2 hardwood 1/2 carpet that it gets to romp around on without much obstruction to do its job. 


The problem I'm having is that even after succesfully making a floor plan it takes more than 1 full charge to complete it's job. But as it's done with one half of the home it wanders back to it's charging station to recharge (takes about 2 hours). Once charged... nothing. It doesn't leave it's dock and go back out to finish the entire room it never touched. Unless I start an entirely new cycle over by hitting "auto" I just have to wait until the next day when the schedule kicks in and sends it back out. 


So frustrated, I go to the select & Go in the App and that doesn't work either. 


Samsung, I'm an early adopter of ST, I love it. However, Your new app is a complete mess and stripping us from the features we've all enjoyed from the start is not a welcome change. Back to the point- I HAD to download your "new" smartthings app JUST to use my new vaccuum, and to my surprise, the one thing I'm forced to use the new app for doesn't work. 


It's absolutely clear to us all that this vacuum is extremely well built. Whomever does the software for the APPS and the device controllers for these types of expensive QOL items really needs to get it together, this is not an enjoyable experience and other complaints I've read on the internet have reflected and amplified my frustration- There's no one stop shop for any solutions to the technical debt you guys created and passed down to your customers.