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Re: SDR-5100N replacement hard drive, WD10EURX


I dont think it's your motherboard. It sounds like the OS is booting up fine, and throwing a debug alert because "I cant find anywhere to put my data". I'd look for storage settings in the DVR system.

Cole said "most" because there are a group of DVR specialists. You have their possible number, (Was this system purchased in America? If not, it would be a different number.) The ssd people can maybe help connect it to something else for troubleshooting if hotplugging doesn't work.

Cosmic Ray

Re: SDR-5100N replacement hard drive, WD10EURX


Been busy with many projects;
I agree with you completely.
One thing that is not ruled out is the power supply; and I can't remember for sure if I also measured it under load -
(I know I measured the PS unplugged from the unit, as there was not a safe place to probe on the motherboard, and no schematic).
I may have also measured the power at the camera feeds while booting.
It is possible the power is sagging or dropouts when the HD kicks in (drive spindle or seek coils). The capacitors in the PS could be failing.
When troubleshooting many configurations, the hardest part can be remembering which results were under which conditions, and if I tired all combinations.


I think he has another house with a different model, and will see if it has the same power supply.
I am probably going to try (buy) the HD first.


[CORRECTIONS  7-17-19]   (I underlined my changes, and striked my mistakes)


Also, Samsung or Costco (forget which) referred me here, for repair parts:
Ellipse Security
877 880-7728

[they also sell refurbished systems]


You send it in [to Samsung, not Eclipse] and they fix it for a flat fee ($200 IIRC).
Don't sell parts AFAIK, have to ask them. I called them they sell part, do not do repairs.
I have not called them yet, I think it was Samsung that gave me the price and the company.

[with so many calls, I got confused who said what, and who did what...]


I'm going to hold off on voting a solution, in hopes that someone that has experience with DVR failures, or has tried a HD in a Samsung DVR, will reply here.


(the thread won't let me post (at the end of this thread) to page 2 for some reason? (to the last reply from Daniel), so I'm posting it here, in the middle of this thread).


IIRC-now; hotplug results got me further into the menu, but only a few seconds each time, not enough to log password or get to format, still looped...


Mr K L