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Re: Sorry, I was typing on my phone and by my response one wo...


Finally by some magic it works, I had to uninstall both smart home and smart things, install smart home only, add vacuum, but I am directly asked to install smart things, it downloads some package, then added vacuum and voila ! It works now. Manual control is unusable as when i want to move fwd I cannot hold the button - it moves just a little . But that is not a problem I have remote.   And on the vacuum? Frankly I am 50/50 as well. Great suction power - I have 2 dogs and a carpet - it cleans perfectly.  Cons - it has a problem with shades, metal legs of chairs, bumb to my vintage furniture as it is not built from the floor as modern is. For the cleaning logic - sometimes looks like it works, sometimes it is not logical - perhaps that's why they removed mapping feature to avoid complaints.  I will not buy this again. It is not on the expected level.  I will expect that I can put a virtual fence in the app like I can do in some other pure Chinese brands to protect some areas. I cannot do here . Maybe someone from Samsung listen. Cheers and thanks for reply!