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Add brightness and white balance sliders to regular photo and video modes

(Topic created: 09-01-2023 04:58 PM)
In Samsung Camera, in the regular photo and video modes (not Pro Photo and not Pro Video, just the modes called "Photo" and "Video") add the ability to change white balance and brightness using sliders, WITHOUT having to tap and hold to lock the focus first. There is no reason I should have to use locked focus to be able to access a brightness slider. Brightness and white balance sliders should be activated by buttons at the top of the camera app just like filters, motion photos, and the 50MP mode. And if the user enables slides for on-screen white balance and on-screen brightness, they should stay enabled even after the user closes the camera app.

Also, under Advanced Intelligence Options, the user should be allowed to set their preferred brightness and preferred white balance, or Samsung should copy Apple's "Photographic Styles" feature. Samsung's implementation of Photographic Styles should include Vivid as the default (the photo processing Samsung already uses), Realistic (make photos look like they were shot on an iPhone), and High Contrast (make photos look like they were shot on a Pixel phone).

Samsung's camera app and Samsung's mobile photography image processing choices are not for everyone, so add options for the people who don't like what Samsung does by default! It is long past time for these features. Samsung's stubborn refusal to accept the fact that some people like other phone camera software better is so pathetic. It holds Galaxy back.
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