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Add more options in bixby routines

(Topic created on: 11/9/20 12:40 PM)
Let me explain: I use bixby routine on a daily basis and but sometimes I want to program something so specific that the program does not understand, I know that it is compact to adapt this to each situation but I propose an idea: let's see I use the save battery at night routine among my , I love it because it is very useful and saves battery while my phone is idle, but this routine in the IF section has to put a specific time at which the routine will be activated and deactivated, this is not very convenient for me because my sleep schedule tends to change constantly and in the part of THEN what it does is activate the battery saver which results in my screen going down to 60Hz, what happens? Well, one day if the time coincides but another day it does not, and it activates as it is programmed and I end up having to manually deactivate it to have 120Hz, I propose that in the IF section they add more options, such as the fact of being able to activate a routine when the phone remains inactive for 30 minutes, or an hour, also that the routine is activated only when the screen is off and deactivates when it is turned on, in any case I think that the IF menu follows something scarce and these two options that I have proposed would perfectly solve my problem and that of many, especially the first one, thanks 
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Thank you very much for your suggestion. Your suggestion has been communicated to the developer and the development project manager is reviewing the content. After reviewing your suggestions, we will apply them to the official version if your proposal matches our concept. We appreciate your contribution to the beta program.



One UI Beta Team