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Beta 3 Review

(Topic created: 11-03-2020 09:50 PM)

  • I like the updated gesture animations, however they still quite aren't like the ones found in the Pre-beta where once you arrived at the home screen, the apps on the home screen greeted you with a nice, subtle bounce effect, and depending on how far up you swiped to go home and how much force this effect would vary. Once this detaiI is added back to the animations we have now, I will be very content with the way the gesture animations look and feel on One ui. 
  • When swiping up to close an app, the animation itself is too long for my liking - I'm suggesting the speed of the closing animation to be increased by about 0.25x, or about how fast it was before.
  • The opening app animation can stutter at times, which surprises me, since in any other beta this didn't happen. I'm sure this will be polished, just something to note.

  • The notification panel feels largely unchanged for me, and still has the animation that slows down the responsiveness. I would love to see the animation polished more if possible to counteract this in the future, to make it seem even more responsive, because I really am digging the new design.
  • When I have many notifications on the panel, swiping up to close it seems a bit choppy and doesn't feel like 120hz to my eyes. Could this be changed in the future to match the smoothness with the rest of the experience?

  • The lock screen is largely unchanged for me too. Most notably when I power on the phone the transition with the time moving lags each time. This is especially noticeable when I have notifications on the AOD. If this was smoothed out, it would make the experience so much better.
  • There is still no power-on animation or transition. I suggest that when you press the power button or double tap to turn on, that there be a nice fade animation when you turn on the phone - like there was on older Samsung devices like my S6. This way it isn't like a light switch, and not as abrupt - but more smooth.
  • For the fingerprint transition, I liked the other betas' transition more since it was faster. The transition in Beta 3 feels too long for me.

  • Stock apps have seen small refinements that I love to see. But I still have a few ideas:
  • When you tap the bottom tabs on the stock app(ex. Contacts in the Messages app), I would love to see a fade-in of the on screen elements, instead of just flickering to the next screen. This would make the UI 100x more pleasant to use!
  •  For all stock apps, I would love to see if the arrow "go to the top" button would be uniform throughout all of them to make the experience more consistent.

  • The finder still is lacking any sort of animations; I would love to see some added in the future as well.

 This is a list of just some of the features I have found so far, and I will post about more as I find them.

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Good review. I agree with pretty much everything you mentioned. My biggest gripe is the notification drawer when opening it.. its been killing me since the first beta.
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Thank you very much for your suggestion. Your suggestion has been communicated to the developer and the development project manager is reviewing the content. After reviewing your suggestions, we will apply them to the official version if your proposal matches our concept. We appreciate your contribution to the beta program.



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