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Beta 4 review

(Topic created on: 11/14/20 11:50 AM)
If I'm being honest, I thought I'd see many more fixes and features that were suggested implemented in this Beta. I am a bit dissapotined with it, however, let me start with the pros:

  • So far I've only seen only one real suggestion implementation, which is changes to the music player positioning - which does look a lot better. It has been moved down a few rows of pixels to declutter it since it was previously so close to the quick toggle buttons. 
  •  As far as performance goes, I would say that there is a definite increase since the last Beta, as animations are not nearly as choppy! A good step forward, however I will get to the gesture animations later.
  •  The new animated quick toggle buttons are a nice touch.

Moving on to the cons:

  • The new time font on the lock screen is very displeasing in my opinion. It does not fit the design language of the interface nor other fonts. I really want an option to change to the other clock styles, like we've had in the past(not the actual layout, but the font itself). Please include this feature in the future.
  •  In some apps such as Samsung messages, animations have just disappeared for some reason. An example would be pressing the type message Box, when previously there would be a sliding animation of the box that is now absent. Same thing for when you'd tap the right facing arrow next to the box. 
  •  As I stated before, most of my suggestions as well as others have not been implemented in any sort, and I'm not sure if this was done in order to wait for a future update, but I'm really hoping that we see many of these great features implemented - suggested by myself and others - at some point. Some of the desired features include the background blur being too bright in dark mode, no screen-on animation, no smooth transitions in stock apps, etc.

  •  Lastly, there are still no bounce animations when arriving on the home screen. It may seem like I'm beating this to death, but I really can't stand it - I don't understand why Samsung would remove this animation. I am just suggesting at this point that they bring back the pre Beta home screen gesture animation for when you just arrive on the home screen as the home apps bounce into place. Please include this in a future update, it would make the experience astronomically better; it literally breathes life into the phone and I miss it.
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Thank you very much for your suggestions. Your suggestion has been communicated to the developer and the development project manager is reviewing the content. After reviewing your suggestions, we will apply them to the official version if your proposal matches our concept. We appreciate your contribution to the beta program.



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